With the script editor, developers can create and edit their own scripts at Tago. These scripts will be executed as defined in the Analysis section.

To use the script editor, go to Analysis, then create or edit one. Set the name, interval, and set it to run at Tago and you will see the Script Tab of the analysis.

The editor tab is only shown when you choose to run the script at Tago

By clicking in the Script Tab, you can see the editor. Here you can load scripts from your computer, download the scripts from the editor, or choose from one of our script examples.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/PEfBOej3wR4slKcXFF0VfOndFuEYx_C9vFdA35csXyc/VZSBVG0-RQ8ptmfViMNVE2seWXcuFvDY_JACui0a1dk/Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 15.34.05-RBA.png

When you save the script, it will be deployed at Tago servers, and you can use it immediately, just click on Run, and you will see the results in the console below.

To learn more about our examples, you can visit our documentation, or click here to access the examples and create your own analysis from them.