Using this article, the user will learn how to integrate a LoRaWan device with Senet Network and Tago.  

This setup is for the uplink operation: data sent from the device to your TagoIO account. 

The integration is accomplished in two parts:

1) TagoIO Setup 

First, go to devices in our admin and look for Senet and select it.

Type a name for your device and click on create device.

After you create your device, you will have access to its token, you can copy it by clicking on the button on the right.

2) Senet Portal Setup

Now, log in to Senet portal and go to your devices.

Choose the device to connect to TagoIO and click on the gear icon.

Go to Notification Target.

Make sure the status is Enabled, select TagoIO on the 'forward to' field, and paste your token in the 'device-token' field.

Now you are all set, every time your device sends data to Senet, your data will be available at TagoIO.