Auto Scaling is a feature that automatically upgrades the services provisioning to the next tier when services reach 90% of usage. This is used to avoid blocking the usage of the services.

Auto Scaling is an exclusive feature of the plan Scale

TagoIO allows developers to provision the amount of use for each service, by doing this, developers have the power to decide how much they want to pay monthly according to the amount of each service that they will use during this period.

By provisioning a service to a certain amount, TagoIO creates a limit for that service. If your account reaches that limit, that service will be blocked temporarily. 

If your application cannot have its services blocked, you can set up Auto Scaling for individual services.

How Auto Scaling Works

When activated, if your account reaches 90% of the limit of any service, TagoIO will automatically upgrade that service to the next tier and charge you  the amount equivalent for that service.

For example, if you limit for SMS was set to 100/mo and your application used 90 of them, it will upgrade to the next tier that is 200/mo.

This upgrade will occur in about 3 minutes after your account reaches its limits.

When TagoIO upgrades a service to the next tier, you will be notified via e-mail and the Auto Scaling will be disabled for that service until you manually enable it again

This ensures that if something goes wrong with your application and it ends up spending all its resources, TagoIO will not keep upgrading that service, avoiding unnecessary charges.

How to Enable Auto Scaling

To activate the auto scaling for any service, your account must be on the plan Scale. Go to My Billing, and in front of each service there is a switch to activate it.