Filtering unwanted variables

When your device sends data from TTN to TagoIO, a few predefined variables are saved along with your payload and payload fields. If you want to ignore those variables you can do that by adding configuration parameters to your devices.

To do that, go to Devices at TagoIO, find your device and go to Configuration Parameters, and add the variables you want.

In the key of the parameter, type the name of your variable, in the value, type true, or a new name for your variable.

The image below is an example of filtering out unwanted variables, in this example, your device will only get data from the variables payload, counter, port, and timestamp. All other variables will be left out, including hardware_serial that has the value false.

Notice that when you add one variable to the parameters, TagoIO will only save the variables that you added there, and will ignore the rest of them.

Renaming Variables

When you have a custom payload format at TTN, and your device is integrated to TagoIO, the variables you add there are sent directly to TagoIO with the prefix f_

Ex: if you have the variables temperature and humidity set up on your decoder at TTN, at TagoIO the variables f_temperature and f_humidity will be created.

If you want your variables to be called something else at TagoIO, you can set it up using your device's Configuration Parameters.

To do that, go to Devices at TagoIO, find your device and go to Configuration Parameters tab. Add the variables that you want there.

As shown above, the variable 'temperature' will be called temperature, the variable 'humidity' will be sent, but not renamed. So, you will have f_humidity, and the variable 'payload' will be left out (not saved into your data bucket).