With this article, the user will be instructed on how to integrate devices using Loriot LoRaWANTM provider with TagoIO.

In order to complete the integration, you just need to follow the two steps below.

1. Generate Access Token at Loriot

At Loriot Console, enter your Application and go to Access Token section.

Click on Generate another authentication token, a token will be generated. Copy the Authentication Token to use in the next step.


2. Generate an Authorization at TagoIO

You will need to generate an Authorization at TagoIO so that it can be added into the Loriot integration area.

This authorization can be generated here. You will need to enter additional parameters as shown in the image below.

Copy the Authorization to use in the next step.

3. Register an Output at Loriot

Now at Loriot Console, enter your application and then the Output section and click on + Add New Output.

Select HTTP Push and fill in the following fields:

Target URL for POSTs
Custom "Authorization" header
paste the authorization generated by TagoIO

To finalize, click on Save Output. Now that your integration with machineQ is ready, you can start adding the devices at TagoIO. 

4. Creating your devices at TagoIO

First, go to 'Devices', click on 'Add Devices', and filter by LoraWaN Loriot. Then, search for the device that you want to add. If you don't find it, select the type Custom Loriot Device.

When selecting Custom Loriot Device, the system will NOT include a payload parser. You will need to create your own parser to extract values.

Give a name, type the device EUI, and click on 'Create Device'.

If you have followed all the steps, as soon as your devices start to send data to Loriot, the packages will be forwarded to your TagoIO account.

From here, you can create and edit dashboards, add notifications, and create scripts to process your data.

You can learn how to perform downlink here.