Downlink Messages are messages sent from your application at TagoIO back to your devices.

LoRaWAN devices check for Downlink Messages every time they send an Uplink Message. It means that every time your devices send data to TagoIO, you have a time window to send a message back to them.

Downlink Integration Diagram

Sending Downlink Messages

To send a downlink message from TagoIO back to your devices, go to TagoIO devices, and find the device you want to send the downlink. Then, go to the tab 'Configuration Parameters' and edit or create a key parameter called downlink.

Your downlink message should go to the value of the parameter (field on the right side as shown below).

Make sure the option "Was it Sent?" is set to "No" otherwise TagoIO will assume that this message has already been sent and will not send it.

Downlink messages can only be sent to your devices when they send an Uplink message.

Every time that your devices send an Uplink message, Everynet opens a window for downlink messages to be sent back to them, so when that happens, TagoIO will get your downlink parameter, send it to your device and mark that parameter switch as sent.

Downlink messages can also be sent from any widget inside dashboards using Analysis Scripts.

In order to perform Uplink operations and register your devices, check this documentation here