Sometimes you or your organization may want to allow multiple users to access the same account, for this purpose you need to use the User Management section.

To access it, click on your name on the top right and choose My Account, then go to the User Management section.

There, you will be able to grant access of your account to any user that already has a TagoIO account. 
Added users will have access to all of your account with the exception of Settings, which means that they will not be able to add new users to the list.

Sharing your account

You can grant others access to your account by adding the e-mails of those that will be able to use it. To add users to your account your should:

  1. Enter the e-mail of the user you want to share the account with.
  2. Click the invite button to add a user to the list.

If the email is registered at TagoIO, the user will be added to your list, like so:

Logging into another Account

If somebody has shared their account with you and you accepted it, a new option will appear when you log in.

The Select a profile option will only appear if you have more than one profile on your account.

Keep in mind that you can always check which account you are logged in as by clicking on the user's dropdown. In the picture below, the user John Doe logged into his company's account.