This tutorial will guide you on how to connect your ST STEVAL-STRKT01 from STMicroelectronics with TagoIO using LoRaWAN network. 

First, make sure you STEVAL is configured to connected to the network. Follow the documentation from ST website to get the board ready here.

Second, in your account at TagoIO, create a new device for STEVAL-STRKT01. To do this, you need to go to the Devices section, click on New Device and select ST - STEVAL-STRKT01. Make sure you filter the correct LoRaWAN provider that you will connect your kit.

Select one of the following options to continue your integration.

  • TTN (The Things Network)
  • Loriot
  • Senet

When you complete the setup above, TagoIO system will have created a Device, a Bucket linked to your Device, and a Dashboard to view your data.

Turn your STEVAL kit on, and wait for the data to hit its data bucket! Every time the kit sends data, the parser will be executed, and all data will be ready to be shown in the dashboards.

What to do next? 

You can edit your dashboard using the one created in your account.

Then, you can create notifications (Push Notification, e-mail, or SMS) and build advanced scripts as needed.

Enjoy your STEVAL kit with TagoIO!