Queclink GPS can be integrated with TagoIO through the middleware that translates the devices TCP/IP protocol. The middleware allows uplink communication between the device and TagoIO while parsing the messages in order to extract commands and variables in real-time. Queclink + Cellular + TagoIO  diagram

Downlink messages must be accomplished using SMS messages or Queclink tools; it cannot be done from TagoIO.

Queclink Setup

Configure your GPS to make sure it will send data to the TagoIO middleware. Follow the Queclink manual to set the protocol type, host url and port as shown below:

host url

More information about the GPS configuration can be found here.

TagoIO Setup

Add a device in your account at TagoIO. Go to Devices and click on 'Add Devices',  filter network by 'Cellular' and pick your device from the list.

Currently, these are the devices integrated with TagoIO:

  1. GL505
  2. GV300
  3. GV300 CAN
  4. GV75
  5. GV55*

* contact us for updates

Then, follow the directions to integrate your Queclink with TagoIO, and proceed to build your own application within minutes. 

When ready, click on 'Create Device', and you will have confirmation that the device was created. 

Turn your GPS on, and wait for the data to arrive and hit your data bucket, and it will be ready to be shown in the dashboards.

You can start to build your Dashboard by adding gauges, maps (add the variable 'location'), tables and more. You can build one such dashboard like this:

Also, you can create notifications to send Push Notifications to mobile devices, SMS, or emails, and work with more advanced scripts as needed.

Enjoy your Queclink devices with TagoIO!