A great feature from Tago platform is its native sharing capability for data and dashboards. And we know that sometimes a dashboard can become an entire feature that you want to share. There are two ways of sharing a dashboard with another users: Sharing or Cloning dashboards.


If you built your dashboard or have permission from the users who shared it with you, you can share it with anyone using one of these options: Private or Public.

Others will NOT be able to move, resize, or even edit the dashboard.
Users can share your dashboard further with others only if you give such permission. You should define if the sharing will expire and when.

To share a dashboard, you must access your dashboard and then, through the Edit Dashboard option (Gear icon), select one of the Share tabs.

Share Private

If you want to share it privately, select the Share Private, and enter the email of whom you want to share your dashboard with.

Users who don't have a Tago account will be automatically invited to create one.

In that screen you can also visualize the list of users who already can access the dashboards that you shared and what kind of permission you gave to them. From there, you can also stop sharing your dashboard with specific users.

Share Public

You can opt for Share Public your dashboard with anyone that receives an URL link. It will not be necessary for the other users to have an account at Tago.

Just make sure you generate the URL and send the link to them.

Notice that only one link by dashboard is created . If you generate a new URL, the old one will no longer work. You will need to send the new link to those you want to access your dashboard.


When you create a clone of your dashboard, others will receive the dashboard without having any access to your data. They will be able to modify the dashboards as they wish.

Others will be able to edit the cloned dashboards that they received without impacting yours.

To clone a dashboard, you must access that dashboard and then, through the Edit Dashboard menu (gear icon), click on the tab Clone.

To complete the action, enter the email of whom you want to receive the cloned dashboard, and add a short description with the type of devices that are needed for that dashboard (optional).