In this article, you will be instructed on how to add a LOKA's Sigfox devices at TagoIO. With this integration you are able to send data from your devices to TagoIO. 

1. LOKA Setup

In the LOKA MIND, go to IoT Platform API, and then go to the  + button to create a new IoT Account.

In the next screen enter the account username of your choice, then the TagoIO Callback URL and the Authorization Header. Then press save.

TagoIO Callback URL:

The Authorization field is not required, but it adds security to your integration. Type any secret text there, and type the same text in the verification code when generating the token at TagoIO.

Next, you need to associate your devices to the new IoT Platform. To do that, click on the view button and you should see the  Devices not subscribed section. Click on the subscribe buttons to allow LOKA to send data to TagoIO.

2. TagoIO Setup

For your application to authenticate to TagoIO, you also need to register your device at TagoIO.

Go to the Tago admin, then go to Device, add a Device, and select the type: LOKA

Look for you specific device in the list, if it is not listed, you still can connect using the Custom LOKA Device.

Fill in the required fields and click on 'Create Device'. 

For example, if you selected the 'Custom LOKA Device' type, you will be presented with the following screen. Enter a Device Name and the Device ID in the required fields. 

If you used the Authorization when doing the setup at LOKA MIND, type the same secret text in the Authorization field here.

In some case you have the option 'Install Dashboard' if you want to add one default dashboard and edit it later.

When you're done, click on Create Device.

When your device sends data to LOKA MIND, a data package will be forwarded to TagoIO. 

Check the device 'Payload Parser' tab to see how the information is extracted from the payload. A standard parse  is added to this device, feel free to edit it in order to remove variables or do anything else.

More about Payload Parser can be found here.