In this article, you will be instructed on how to add a LOKA's Sigfox devices at TagoIO. With this integration you are able to send data from your devices to TagoIO. 

1. Generating an Authorization at TagoIO

You will need to generate an Authorization at TagoIO so that it can be added to the LOKA integration area.

This authorization can be generated here.

2. LOKA Setup

In the LOKA MIND, go to IoT Platform API, and then go to the  + button to create a new IoT Account.

In the next screen enter the account username of your choice, then the TagoIO Callback URL and the Authorization Header. Then press save.

Callback URL
Enter the Authorization from TagoIO

Next, you need to associate your devices to the new IoT Platform. To do that, click on the view button and you should see the  Devices not subscribed section. Click on the subscribe buttons to allow LOKA to send data to TagoIO.

3. Create your devices at TagoIO

Go to your devices page and click on Create Device. Select the device type that uses LOKA, or if it doesn't show up in the list, select Custom LOKA Device. 

Use Custom LOKA Device when you don't find the specific device type you are trying to connect. You can add your own parser for the specific device.

Whatever device type you selected, you will be prompted to enter the Device Name and the Device EUI. Then click on 'Create Device' and you will start to receive data to your device at TagoIO.

Learn how to perform downlink operations here.