This is a tutorial on how to connect to TagoIO MQTT and publish to a topic. For this tutorial, we will use the software Mqttfx. To download and learn more about Mqttfx go to their website

If you prefer, watch this tutorial here.

Connecting to TagoIO

To connect to the TagoIO MQTT and publish to any topic, first, we need to add a device. Go to 'Device' and add a device. Then, go to the section tokens and copy your device-token.

Open Mqttfx, and click on the gear icon

On the Connection Profile window, set the following information:

  • Profile Name: “Any name”
  • Broker Address:
  • Broker Port: 8883 (TLS) or 1883 (NO TLS)
  • Client ID: “Any value”

On the section User credentials, use:

  • User Name: “Any value” TagoIO validates users only by the Token 
  • Password: “Paste Your Device Token”

On the SSL/TLS section, check the option Enable SSL/TLS, and click OK

Now, you can connect to TagoIO using the configuration you just set up. Select the connection profile that you just created, and click Connect

When you are connected, the connection indicator will become green

Publishing as a Device

To send data to TagoIO as a device, we need to use the correct topic. If you go to the MQTT documentation then on the section “Publishing to TagoIO” you can see the default topics.

For this tutorial we will use the topic tago/data/post. On the Mqttfx go to the publish section and type the topic url.

Now, you need to send the data to Tago, remember that you need to follow the correct data format to be able to post to TagoIO. Click here to check the data format documentation.

For this tutorial, let’s send the data showed on the documentation link above

    "variable": "temperature",
    "unit"    : "F",
    "value"   : 55,
    "time"    : "2015-11-03 13:44:33",
    "location": {"lat": 42.2974279, "lng": -85.628292}

Copy the code above and paste it on Mqttfx. Then, click Publish.

Go back to your account at TagoIO, enter into the Buckets section, then under Variables you will see the variable that you have just sent to tago using MQTT.