TagoIO offers the Audit Log to collect and track any access and modification that occurs in the user's account. This log is available only to the account owner.

Using Audit Log, you can track when and how an action or analysis was triggered, and use this information to make sure your application is working as planned. You may use the logs to know when other users created, deleted or edited any of your devices, dashboards, actions, or any other sections.

Some of log features are available only for specific plans. Upgrade your plan to take advantage of all these great features.

Accessing Audit Log

The Audit Log page is available inside the Audit Log tab in each profile of your account.

From the AuditLog you can start tracking all your services. Each row is composed by the event time, the reference ID of what was changed (for example the device ID) followed by the JSON with more details.

The JSON is composed by the section, the message, the ref_id, the user who made the changes, and the timestamp of the event. Just click on the row to expand and see more details.

{"section": "device","message": "2 data added","ref_id": "12b272b375d8320114bc3021","user": "joedoe@tago.io","timestamp": "2017-12-11T00:58:32.390Z" } 

The log is ordered from the oldest (top) to the newest event (bottom). You may need to scroll down to visualize all the logs recorded for the selected filter.

Filtering messages

The first entry available is a field to filter by text. Here is a list of some words that you may enter when looking for events:

  • created
  • modified
  • deleted
  • edited
  • ran
  • requested
  • generated
  • added

You may also enter with texts to find email (to identify the user) or an specific ID.

Note that the filter is case sensitive.
Filtering by Section

To make it easier to find events, the logs can be filtered by section. TagoIO is composed by the following sections:

  • account
  • actions
  • analysis
  • buckets
  • dashboards
  • devices

You can pick a section to show the specific results for each one, or select 'All' to show all of them.

By selecting a section, you may be allowed to filter by a specific ID (optional). For example, if you select the section 'devices', you can further filter the result for one specific device. Just pick a device name from the drop list, or type the ID on the field.

If the device/bucket/analysis/action that you are looking for has already been deleted, it will not be showed in the drop down list. In this case, you will need to type its ID.
Filtering by Period

TagoIO allows you to filter the result by the time it was created. You can make a relative period search by selecting logs from the last 30 seconds, 5 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day and 1 week. Or, you can filter the period by picking a start date and end date.

Download Log File

You can download a file built with the same result as showed on your screen by clicking on the Download icon.

Time Zone

Time events are always recorded using the UTC time zone. For visualization though, you may change it to yours or any time zone by selecting a Time Zone from the drop down list.