The device emulator is a powerful tool for developers to send data to buckets as if it would be sent by a real device. The emulator is intuitive and requires just few clicks to validate and send your data package.

To access the device emulator go to Device section, then click on Device Emulator. See the image below.

When receiving data, Tago accepts the following fields in the JSON Object:

variable, value, unit, time, serie, location and metadata.

To send a data from the emulator, you will need to:

  1. build a data package that should contain at least the 'variable' field (just click in the buttons to add a field and modify the content on the right side),
  2. select a device (it should be Active, and the bucket associate with it should have Writing rights.)
  3. click on 'Send Data'

You can also export the JSON object with the complete POST method (including the Device-Token) by clicking on 'Advanced' option. You can download in a CURL or Postman format.

Make sure that the selected device is Active, and that it has Writing access to the linked bucket.